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Aug 14, 2023
I’m 99% sure I’ll purchase this bike once my Denago is paid off which will be around the same time the weather breaks here in SW Florida.

Has anyone here purchased this bike and can offer a review here?
Lectric XPedition Takes on a 2600-mile Adventure


I’m 99% sure I’ll purchase this bike once my Denago is paid off which will be around the same time the weather breaks here in SW Florida.

Has anyone here purchased this bike and can offer a review here?

I have this bike!

I use it as a car replacement. Over 300 miles on it so far. I've hauled my 3 kids to the arcade, picked up groceries and use it and a landscaping bike trailer from WIKE to haul my two big dumb dogs to the park.

My area is quite hilly so I opted for dual batteries, but I think most people should anyway since you get the second battery as a package deal much cheaper than purchasing it individually later.

If its flat where you live you'll get crazy range out of this bike. It has no suspension, but that hasn't bothered me that much, and I've got a bad vertebra as well. Invest in a good seat and/or suspension seat post if your local roads are bad!

The bike comes fully assembled, and the only thing that might require some adjustment is the shifter. Mine was fine out of the box however.
Hello - new member here. Hope I'm posting this in the correct location. Just purchased (8/24/23) a new Lectric XPedition. I'm 73 and have been riding bikes for many years and this is my first e-bike. Still ride a non-powered bike but wanted to try an electric. Purchased the 2-battery option and a second charger. Have only put 10 miles on the bike so far and love it - except, both tubes have failed since I got the bike on the road. Both times I found a small hole in the inside of the tube on the rim side. I found no issues with the rim - the rim tape looks good so I'm assuming a bad batch of tubes. I ordered and received two new tubes on Amazon and have replaced both of them this AM (9/4/23). Using old tubes, I added a second layer of tube for the replacements as I have not yet found 20x3 heavy duty tubes and am not ready for the Tanus or similar product. Has anyone had an issue like this with a Lectric brand bike or the XPedition in particular?

I'll post updates on the bike as I put more miles on it. I have added two drink cages, a second head and taillight, mirror and travel bag for spare tools and tubes. I'm looking for heavy duty tires and tubes (I hate flats). Thanks for any input anyone can add. DW in Dallas.
Also - wanted to add that the bike was easy to unpack (watch the Lectric video on "first ride). I checked all adjustments and found everything OK. Had to adjust the seat height and handlebar for my height (5'8" at 190 lbs), and add air to the tires. No damage from shipping. Make sure you move the chain to the roller guide and, after reading the instructions, off I went. I only tried PAS 1-3 on the class 2 setting. The bike climbs hills like they aren't there and I can only imigime what the bike does on a class 3 setting in PAS 5. Rode 10-13 miles and batteries still show a full charge - then the tires went flat. At least they held out 'till I was home... :)
New tires update - 10/7/23... Just finished installing the Pirelli motorcycle tire on the rear XPedition wheel (now it has a Pirelli on BOTH the front wheel and rear) and took it for a ride today, around 20 miles, on some bike trails (not off-road). While the tires are heavier, around 3-4lbs per tire, they performed very well. The ride was smooth, and handling was great. Remember - I'm an old guy and I never ran the XPedition higher than PAS-3 and usually ran the course at PAS-2 (and occasionally PAS-1). I no longer push my limits or the bike's limits. My son and wife were with me on separate non-electric bikes. I let my 30 yrd old son ride it for a while and he seemed to love it. Although I never hit any holes or really rough trail, the bike was at least as smooth as with the original factory tires. I'm running the tires at around 27 lbs. Why 27? That was where I set them when first mounted and it seemed to be a good smooth setting. Looks like only the middle 1 inch of the tire comes in contact with the path on a straightaway so they look like that's where I'll leave them for now. I'll will continue to mostly ride my non-powered TREK and will use the XPedition for shopping and hauling stuff - for example, the lake we ride has a bunch of geese and ducks we feed on occasion and the XPedition hauled a 50lb sack of cracked corn easily. Our bike trails take me right by several local shopping centers so that's handy. I have 50 miles on the batteries since fully charged and have around 60% power remaining. I'm using the double-tough tubes with a TR-6 stem. Let me know if anyone has questions and I try to answer. I posted a pic of the front tire in an earlier post. I'll post updates as needed. Also, no rear-fender mods were needed. The tire/wheel, after mounted, was easy to install on the frame.

I'm using the 90/80 16 Pirelli Scooter tire. These are very stiff but sturdy. I also have a Shinko 241 I might try later which is more of a knobby but was told it's (the Sinko) smooth and it's more pliable than the Pirelli. There are other's out there such as - see below. Make sure you order the tires with the TR-6 valve stem and of course a rim diameter of 16. SicPuppy has some good tire info. So far I'm real happy with the Pirellis - but, they were hard to install. I'm not an expert tire installer and a more experienced person may not find them as difficult to install as I did.


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