Just ordered a Himiway Cruiser


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Jun 9, 2021
Just ordered a Himiway Cruiser today. Can't wait to get it. Cost was $1549 with 2 year warranty. Also includes fenders, rear rack, bike tool and a hat.Turning 59 years old tomorrow and haven't ridden a bike in about 20+ years.
Newly retired and needed a new hobby. Hoping to gain and share lots of info on my new bike and adventures.
If all goes well with this bike will most likely be purchasing their step thru version for the wife.
Originally ordered a Senada Saber but opted out of that for the Himi. The Saber was $100 cheaper and had 250 more watts but I really liked the looks of the Himi and the extra 1 year of warranty. Also, the Himi has a bigger following and lots more reviews.
Checked out the Rad Rover too which looks very similar to the Himi. The Rad cost $150 more though and didn't include a rack. The Rad also had 1 year less of warranty.
I will update this thread with any shipping or tracking info I get for anyone interested.

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