1. D

    Himiway Cobra Power Upgrade - Bafang G062?

    Hi all, I bought a Himiway Cobra with the 750-watt rear drive motor. I'd really like more power both low end torque and in the top speed arena. Is my best option to upgrade my hub motor to the Bafang 1000 watt G062 motor or is there a better way to tackle this? Thankd!
  2. B

    Himiway throttle

    Hi! I have a Himiway Zebra. It’s with automatic pedal assistance. Throttle is not working. Please, how could I change it to only throttle?
  3. E

    Himiway cruiser voltage settings

    After only having become a recent Himiway Cruiser I have a question. I have only completed a few rides and have charged the battery after each ride. That was until a couple of days ago, when I headed out for an 18 mile ride with three bars of power remaining on the console. 5 miles from home...
  4. E

    Hi from the UK

    A new Himiway owner from the UK Keeping it brief... I have owned, ridden and reviewed ebikes over a period of about 15 years, and have just taken delivery of a hemiway cruiser to use mainly for wild camping. Below are a a few photos from the first two rides, and also two additions. The first...
  5. Z

    Himiway step thru hydraulic brakes and small width tires?

    Hi so I just bought a used 2020 himiway step thru and am looking for help with some upgrades. I would like to upgrade to hydraulic brakes and I need help on new tires. I know current tire size is 26x4. What is the smallest size tire I can get on that rim? Any suggestions? Thanks for any...
  6. R

    Does anyone have a Himiway Cobra?

    Hi Everyone, I am thinking about buying a Himiway Cobra (750W motor) but since I am new to Ebike world I need to collect as much as information as I can before pulling the trigger. I have rode the bike and really liked it. I live in So Cal and there are a lot of nice trails next to my house...
  7. TaeTae

    himiway cruiser dual battery installation

    Hello. I would like to add a 60 Volt 20ah battery to my Himiway cruiser. I've done some research to determine that the controller can handle up to 22 amps. And although the existing controller is listed at 48v, I was told it should easily support up to 62v. I will use a blender to correct the...
  8. Daphne

    Himiway Calibration or setting or something?

    Mine and my husband's Himiway are set up Exactly the same. However, our speed and milage never match up. We always ride together so we know our milage should at least match. Anyone have an idea as to why?
  9. F

    Himiway Cruiser - full list of possible adjustments/ programming

    Hi, I currently bought a Himiway Cruiser and started programming pedal assist, highspeed etc. Now I would like to know, what else can be adjusted and what all the shortcuts mean. Does anybody have this complete list or maybe the programming tree?
  10. AllGloryToGod

    Has anyone tried splicing/replacing the Himiway Cruiser motor to controller screw lock connector?

    Hi All I am wandering if anyone has tried to or successfully been able to splice and/or replace the screw lock connector that joins the wires from Himiway Cruiser motor to the controller?
  11. AllGloryToGod

    Will the Himiway Escape Pro controller work on my Himiway Cruiser?

    Hi to All. I currently own a Himiway Cruiser with it's controller being 48v 22ah. Wandering if the Escape Pro controller will work on my Himiway in place of the 48v 22ah one that is on my cruiser now?... The Himiway site shows controller volts and ah info relating to cruiser and escape, but not...
  12. Y

    Himiway Zebra never again

    New out the box in May 2022 broken fender stays. 3 months later, front end making a loud popping noise. Remove front wheel to investigate, turns out 9 ball bearings on one side 8 on the other. Requested new hub, they never sent it. 30 days later front light stops working. 6 video made and sent...
  13. P

    Himiway escape won’t turn on

    Ebike riders , after exchanging emails and videos with himiway customer service , himiway sent me a new “ assembly line to fix the problem of my bike not turning on. This is not simple and himiway has no videos or diagrams to assist me. Has anyone ever replaced the main line/ assembly line on an...
  14. S

    Does your Himiway Cruiser Stepthru disable the throttle if no passcode is entered?

    Hi all, I purchased a Himiway Cruiser stepthru and a Cobra in July, 2022. So far, no major issues. I watched a lot of youtube reviews and most were positive. After viewing the posts here, I am keeping my fingers crossed. Anyways, the reason for my post is in regards to the passcode operation...
  15. O

    Himiway Zebra trailer hitch?

    Waiting for new Himiway Zebra to arrive. Does any one know what type of trailer hitch i need for a trailer hook up?
  16. W

    Himiway different controllers setup:

    This spring, 2022, I bought two Himiway ebikes. One Cruiser and one Setp-thru. On the Cruiser, the throttle works at pedal assist settings 0-5. I find that desirable, especially when teaching someone how to operate the bike for the first time. On the Step-thru model, the throttle will not...
  17. ozzie21

    Battery Cover for Himiway Cruiser

    Does anyone know of a good fitting cover for the Himiway Cruiser battery? Are there any that actually also look good? I see there's a place in Utah (Bakcou) that has battery covers that have a small heater in them also. But it doesn't look like it would fit the Cruiser battery very good. Also I...
  18. T

    Himiway cruiser no throttle or pedal assist

    Hot on bike, himiway cruiser, throttle worked for a second the chain popped off. No throttle or pedal assist. Connections all tight. No error codes showing. Disconnected brake sensors still no pedal assist or throttle
  19. ozzie21

    Himiway Wheel Size Settings?

    I see my Himiway Cruiser came with the settings for wheel size as 26" OD. Yea that's the rim size but if you measure the overall OD of the tire and wheel it's more like 28+ inches. So what should a guy set his wheel size at so he can get the best accurate speed, 26" or 28"? Has anyone made...
  20. MarkM

    Himiway Zebra sensor

    The Himiway website does not list which sensor(s) come with the Zebra. I saw in a YouTube review that stated it had a torque sensor. I contacted Himiway support which said it only has a speed sensor, but the support person did not seem too sure. Zebra owners -- what say you...