1. P

    250 w Hub upgrade to 750 w Himiway Cobra

    I purchased a Himiway Cobra with a 250w Hub motor. I'm thinking of upgrading the Hub motor to a 750w I have been informed that the Hub is actually a 750 w but restricted vi's the controller which I have now swapped to a USA controller and Changed the display to a KD718 Colour display this...
  2. S

    Hello. We are new to this forum.

    We just purchased two Himiway Zebra D5's (our first) and we intend to pull our travel trailer across country. We are unable to carry these bikes on the back of the camper so we had a hitch receiver installed on the front of our truck. My concern is water damage to hub and other components during...
  3. M

    Specialized Roll Conversion vs. Himiway

    I already own a 2018 Specialized Roll Comp, which comes with a few upgrades (including hydraulic brakes) compared to the regular Roll or Roll Elite. However, since purchasing the Roll, I’ve gained a few pounds… going from ~300 to 390 lbs, so according to Specialized, I am over the 300 lb limit...
  4. P

    Himiway Escape Keys

    Can some who owns a Himiway Escape post a photo of the key location on the battery for me<please? I just sold my Escape to someone from Iowa and they don't know where the keys plug in and I don't remember either. Thanks
  5. Sprynx007

    Himiway Zebra Rims

    Does anyone know if the stock rims that come with the Himiway Zebra is tubeless compatible? Neither the stock rim or tire comes with markers. Even the Kenda (tire brand) website doesn't display any info if the Krusade tires are tubeless convertible.
  6. jimthecanoeist

    Himiway (Cruiser) Pedal Assist Settings

    @TheJimthecanoeist 0 seconds ago Can someone shed light on the SPS settings (range 1-15, default 1)? The KD51C Users Guide (Key-Disp Electric Bicycle Meter), the best documentation I have found so far. It says "SPS represents speed sensor settings". That tells me little. I ride my Cruiser on...
  7. P

    Himiway Escape Controller Location

    Where is the controller located on my Himiway Escape, under the seat?
  8. P

    Older Himiway Cruiser Controller Codes

    The owner of a two year old Himiway Cruiser being sold in the Minneapolis area told me that this one was unlocked to go 30+ mph and that the new ones can not be unlocked. Is this true?
  9. P

    Upgrade Himiway Escape motor to 1000/1500 watts

    Has anyone replaced the rear wheel/motor with a 1000 or 1500 watt kit? The Escape fits me and I love the seat but I want a little higher top speed and a little more acceleration
  10. johnocooper

    Himiway Cruiser brake swap

    My heavy ebike seems to need the brake cables tightened too often. Does anyone have advice on converting to a hybrid hydraulic system? Will I get significant braking improvement? less cable stretch?
  11. joyw

    Himiway Esacpe wont power down after getting rained on

    I have a Himiway Escape that got drenched when I rode it through a thunderstorm. Ever since it will not longer power down. When I press the power button it turns off, but the second I take my finger off the power button it immediately turns back on again. The only way to get it to stay off is...
  12. P

    Himiway 48V battery suddenly stopped working, yet not dead

    - Only used for a few months on a Himiway Escape Pro. - Charger works fine, it has normal output voltage and I've tested it on another, working battery. - Battery apparently charges since the charger indicator light turned from red to green after some time, and the battery output voltage...
  13. T

    To those asking why their Himiway Zebras don't throttle beyond 6mph..........

    I received my Himiway Zebra 3 months ago and apart from the weight (wow!) its a great bike but I found 2 problems, not major, but a little niggling - first, the chain will come off when the bike is a high speed - I've found this may be my fault as I'm getting used to gear placement and pedal...
  14. D

    Himiway Cobra Power Upgrade - Bafang G062?

    Hi all, I bought a Himiway Cobra with the 750-watt rear drive motor. I'd really like more power both low end torque and in the top speed arena. Is my best option to upgrade my hub motor to the Bafang 1000 watt G062 motor or is there a better way to tackle this? Thankd!
  15. B

    Himiway throttle

    Hi! I have a Himiway Zebra. It’s with automatic pedal assistance. Throttle is not working. Please, how could I change it to only throttle?
  16. E

    Himiway cruiser voltage settings

    After only having become a recent Himiway Cruiser I have a question. I have only completed a few rides and have charged the battery after each ride. That was until a couple of days ago, when I headed out for an 18 mile ride with three bars of power remaining on the console. 5 miles from home...
  17. E

    Hi from the UK

    A new Himiway owner from the UK Keeping it brief... I have owned, ridden and reviewed ebikes over a period of about 15 years, and have just taken delivery of a hemiway cruiser to use mainly for wild camping. Below are a a few photos from the first two rides, and also two additions. The first...
  18. Z

    Brakes Himiway step thru hydraulic brakes and small width tires?

    Hi so I just bought a used 2020 himiway step thru and am looking for help with some upgrades. I would like to upgrade to hydraulic brakes and I need help on new tires. I know current tire size is 26x4. What is the smallest size tire I can get on that rim? Any suggestions? Thanks for any...
  19. R

    Does anyone have a Himiway Cobra?

    Hi Everyone, I am thinking about buying a Himiway Cobra (750W motor) but since I am new to Ebike world I need to collect as much as information as I can before pulling the trigger. I have rode the bike and really liked it. I live in So Cal and there are a lot of nice trails next to my house...
  20. TaeTae

    himiway cruiser dual battery installation

    Hello. I would like to add a 60 Volt 20ah battery to my Himiway cruiser. I've done some research to determine that the controller can handle up to 22 amps. And although the existing controller is listed at 48v, I was told it should easily support up to 62v. I will use a blender to correct the...