Is aventon really a crappy company ?


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2:44 AM
Jul 17, 2022
I really am intrested in the level 2 but I can't find a single positive review of the customer service. With so many new ebikes coming out I don't think aventon can compete if they continue to tick off customers.
Lucky I have a local dealer that carries aventon. I can rely on them for service but what about getting parts? I understand aventon make their own motors and controllers. Right?
My understanding is that Aventon sells thru local bike shops, as well as online. If the LBS is reputable, then you shouldn't have a problem. However, beware of LBSs that simply purchase bikes online, assemble them, and sell them at a profit. Others have reported issues with those shops as well as the bikes.

You can look on Aventon's website for dealers.

I found the same thing when I looked them up on Facebook. I even called them on it there a few times. (no response) I wrote them off in my mind.

Meanwhile, I bought a few eBikes and sold one.

One day, I happened upon an Indian motorcycle dealer, who ALSO happened to be an Aventon dealer. They had the Level.2. Its specs and build quality seemed like just the ticket.

It has turned out to be a top quality eBike. It’s my favorite one so far.

I don’t know about their customer service. I hope I never will.
I can personally attest to the customer service. I had an issue with my new Aventon Aventure 2 that I purchased in May. They have been nothing but prompt and courteous. I have received replies to all of my emails to them in less than 24 hours, sometimes as soon as 2 hours. I was hesitant after I had heard about the customer service issues. I have not had that experience at all. I love my Aventon Aventure 2 ST Black(step-through)! I am a female, 62 years young and 5'3". My boyfriend is 6'4, Army veteran, double amputee and he has the same bike but in Cobalt. The only big modification we had to do for his prosthetics was to change out the pedals for ones that had more pronounced anti-skid pins.
Reviews are pretty misleading. Most reviews are posted by people that are disgruntled to a certain degree. Many hide the underlying cause for the negative interaction. At least that is my opinion. As for Aventon’s quality I have been impressed. The motors they use are Bafang which is as mainstream as you can get. Brakes are Tektro, rear gearing is Shimano; again mainstream component companies. The display, battery and controller are proprietary. The display/controller is not programmable, and the battery is Aventon specific. I know plenty of people complain about this, But it’s understandable. They are rapidly becoming a top seller of e-bikes and they don’t want people messing around with their electronics. I believe they do it to ensure that customers don’t modify them thus causing increased warranty issues. This also keeps their costs down allowing them to be very competitive. When it comes to step-through type frames I feel it is one of the best out there: frame flex is very minimal and that is a huge accomplishment for a frame with a single down tube. My wife has to use a step-through and the other e-bikes I have tested for her had so much frame flex. There is no way they would have handled a bag of groceries in an up-front basket and still have been safe to ride at even class 2 speeds. She loves the Aventon Aventure ebike. The fat tires also help her navigate softer terrain and has improved her confidence on a bike. We just rode some rough shell fishing trails in the Canaveral Seashore area of the intercoastal river and it beat me up, but she was just all smiles as she rode her fat tire bike watching dolphins, fish jumping, and all kinds of birds flying about. For me I only use full frames because I push them to their limits. Believe it or not I’m perfectly happy with one of the least expensive ebikes out there; Wallke F1 and F2 bikes. I have heavily modified the F1 to the point that it weighs 100 pounds with 3 batteries, racks and panniers. And it still handles great. But I still wouldn’t let go of the bars while descending a bridge at 35mph. Even the stock display can be unlocked and used to reprogram the controller settings. For $900 e-bikes they seem to be an incredible deal to me.
Aventon could not fix the issue I had recently. The problem was I dropped my battery and broke the tabs that lock it in place. I can only say they responded to my concerns within a couple of days. When I had a problem with a controller 2 years ago it was handled quickly and they got me up and running at a very reasonable cost.
Never had any problem with response from them on any orders. Ordered extra battery discharge plug used on their aventure battery for a project. No problem and only $25 delivered to door step. Price a replacement wheel assy. with free shipping and no taxes. You can`t get a quality wheel anywhere for their price. Oh that includes a top of the line tire mounted as well. Like hosedragger stated above the bike is built with name brand and good components. Easily sourced. The frame fit and finish is second to none. The amt. of neg. complaints riddles the internet. The well satisfied customers just ride em and not type about them. I build most all my rides but the old Aventure I have is used with the local bike club rides as the refreshment trailer pulling beast. Think Clydesdale. Just charge, ride and repeat. Week after week. Bought a yr. ago $1800. with 2 batteries, free shipping and no taxes. Can`t beat them deals.