New to eBikes, just got a Aventure.2


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5:18 PM
Sep 8, 2023
Daytona Beach
Hi all,

I joined a little while ago to research eBikes. I kept going back and forth on brands and such. The specs and details can make you crazy.

One the thing I came away with from the site was to use a local bike shop if possible. So used an authorized Aventon deal. I was pretty happy with the service and such. They do a 90 day tune up for free. So that a benefit.

A good thing was that I bought the bike during the "free battery" sale at Aventon. I was wondering if I could get that deal even though I didn't buy it from the web site. So I responded to the many texts the Aventon sends daily, and "Maddy" responded within seconds. She (I assume she) was unbelievable in getting back with me, usually within seconds. I inquired about the battery before I actually took delivery of the bike, so I didn't have my receipt yet. Long story short, Aventon was not giving me a response for the battery form I filled out, but Maddy took care of it all and gave me a code to use at checkout and now the free battery is on its way. So, I'm liking Aventon and Maddy right now, lol.

Anyway, it's mostly a beach bike for me. Last weekend I took my first "long" trip, about 30 miles on the beach with very little effort, all throttle or max assist. I had 9% battery when I got back, but I started with about 95%.

I have to say, I really like my Aventure.2 bike!

30 miles on sand is pretty great!
I like my Aventon; it's good to know customer service is good, in case I need it.
Enjoy your stay!