May I introduce to you my new ebike Wall-E


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6:04 AM
Jan 31, 2024
She is a bit sad today because it's raining and she cant get outside. I did order a cheap neoprene battery cover from Temu, though.

This is my 3rd attempt to find the affordable Swiss army knife of ebikes that suits my needs. I do have other road and hybrid acoustic bikes, but the hills around my house can kill you.

First one was a 250W Schwinn Boundary I scored for $400 at Walmart. It turned out it is a great ebike but not powerful enough for my 15% steep hills with 800ft elevation changes, and too much ghost pedaling too. Second was a 500W mid-drive but somehow still doesn't have more umpf than the 500W Bafang motor of the Walke F1. I also learned on this forum that I will be in for lots of chain and freewheel replacements after going up and down those hills a lot.

Then I found some great reviews and testing for the 21 speed Walke F1 hybrid ebike aka Gen3 Flex and decided to give this one a try. Good thing is that I can use it without battery as a regular bicycle too!

Thank you hsdrggr for the great advice and insight on this ebike. This finally sealed the deal for me :)


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