Hub vs Mid drive?



Can someone please explain the differences in the two systems? What are the pro's and cons to the two systems?
What system is your favorite? and why? Which is easier to maintain?
I by far prefer hub drive over mid drive. These are the 3 main reasons
Less maintenance
Easier to repair
Quieter operation
With the hub drive, all the electric drive stuff is in the wheel hub, usually rear. (except for some retrofit kits, and trikes which often put it in the front for simplicity's sake)

With the mid drive, it's in the bottom bracket (where the crankshaft goes into the frame) and it uses the bike's gearing instead of gearing built into the hub motor.

Here's my summary, which I think gets to the point better than a long-winded YouTube video:

Hub drive advantages:
  • Lower cost
  • No extra wear or stress on the bike's gearing (chain & sprockets)
  • If you break your chain on a ride, you can still use the motor to get
Mid drive advantages:
  • Uses bike's gearing for a lot more torque that is readily apparent in climbing. (A strong hub drive can be pretty torquey, but it is essentially running the motor in a "high gear" compared to a mid drive for the same wheel speed.)
  • Better balance; hub drive bikes tend to be quite rear-heavy, which is apparent in jumping and if your car rack suspends the bike from the crosstube.