How to fix the error 24


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6:30 PM
Dec 28, 2022
My ebike stop working after I got the error "24" on D13 display with Ananda MC5-B0 controller (36v 250w).

I tested the motor on an other ebike and it perfectly working. The cables connection are good and the controller's Mosfets are good too.

What I found, the input voltage of Hall sensor from the controller is 15v instead of 5v compared to other 36v controllers.

Is it normal? If yes what could be the issue?
Google the error code, these are not at all standardized and just too many to memorize. Honestly do not know correct voltage for Halls but almost all other aux voltages are 5V, throttle, etc.

More complete description on "stop working" would be helpful, also most motors can run without Halls at all, important to get rolling before applying power, maybe will run a bit rough, test this.

But, it works with a different controller, and these are inexpensive.