Engwe C20pro Error 24


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Oct 7, 2023
Hi I am hoping someone might be able to help me, I hit a large pot hole on my Engwe c20pro 500w and now, every so often, I get error code 24.
After digging around i see that this is a code that is usually associated with the rear connecting cable to the rear drive wheel.
I have checked all the cables from the motor to the controller and none seem damaged. The error code seems to come completely randomly about once very 7-8 days. The bike will then work fine for them 7-8 days and then bam! error 24. The next day as soon as I start the bike I get error 24 and the back wheel motor feels like it is grinding. The bike worked fine the previous day, went into a shed over night and next morning error 24.
I unplug the battery and rear wheel cable a few times, turn the key a few times, restart the computer on the handlebars a few times, leave it for an hour or so, plug it all back in and then it seems fine again for another few days.
The error 24 sometimes also happens if I am in the highest speed mode and the bike tops out.
There doesn't seem to be any obvious faults in the wiring, nor any way to get it working again, Its all very random.
I dont even know where to start to replace parts? Should I try to buy another Motor Controller first or could it be something else?
I also noticed that the motor controller (Brushless Motor Controller X055-AXC001C ) seems pretty hard to find, does anyone know of an alternative that will fit straight in?
Sorry I am a complete noob at this kind of stuff and any help is really appreciated.
Thank you
On closer inspection it sounds like the grinding noise is coming from the Motor controller, not the rear wheel.
Has anyway had this issue before?