Hall sensor error or?


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8:36 PM
Sep 24, 2023
I have an ev bike with rear wheel hub motor.

Recently I started getting the error info 03 which should be a connection problem to the motor. I checked the cables and there does not seem to be anything broken from the controller all the way to the actual motor.

When the error occurs, the motor starts giving a hissing sound, and power is very limited. After a while the error disappears and the bike seems to be working again. But only for a few minutes after which the errors comes back.

I also figured out that in some positions, when the error is there, the wheel will not start turning when I give power.

I am suspecting a hall sensor to be faulty.

Do you think I am right, or could it be something else?

Also see this video
Can't really see a bad sensor causing that level of noise, I'm thinking bad or damaged internal gears, maybe bearing???

Would be good to know exactly what "error 03" means, but eh. Likely just means "problem".