Himiway zebra display not working


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3:26 AM
Jul 14, 2022
Just got my Zebra 3 weeks and about 30miles. Today I went to turn it on, nothing on the display and won't power on. I checked the julet cables, connectors, battery and even took out the 2 fuses and all was good, battery 52V too. I put battery back in bike still won't power on.

I made calls and emails to support. Waiting for a response. No idea where else I could check like controller, or any other fuses?

Help is appreciated. Tia
Any luck with powering it on yet? Is the battery installed correctly? Did you press and hold the power button for at least 2 seconds?

I guess if you've tried all that then support is your only hope.
I have been in contact w support and they are sending a new controller. Battery tested 52V, connections were checked, finally tested the cable from controller indicating no power from controller to display. I had to provide videos of all tests.

More to come.