Vituvia (WTVA) Electrical malfunction


Local time
9:35 AM
Apr 14, 2021
Hi all. I've not been posting here for quite a while. I sold my neighbor my Vituvia folder. It is a 750 W 20" fat bike I bought about 3 years ago.
It's always worked flawlessly. I sold it to a guy next door and he popped up today with a problem that I tried to solve, no luck at all.
I have a meter and checked some things.
The bike won't turn on.
It acts like there is no battery connected. Measuring voltage at the bottom battery contacts I read 47V AT ALL TIMES. Switch on/sw off 47V.
At the charging jack it reads 54 volts.
I took out the computer/ speed control to check wires and plugs, cleaned the battery contacts, looked at the switch, it all looks brand new in there.
The control on the handlebars never comes on. The motor cable and plug looks fine, the plug on the display cable is fine, everything looks great but the bike is completely dead.
I think the clue here is that the bottom contacts (in the battery) read voltage all the time, regardless of the key switch position.
I checked the 30 amp fuse on the bottom of the battery case - Good With the fuse pulled the contacts went to 0 Volts as I would expect.
What in the world has happened here?
Thanks for any ideas. If I don't get this thing working I'll never hear the end of it.
I found an online manual- it mentions a 'Power lock' that is broken.
What is a power lock? Anyone know?
Edit: It's the key switch. I suspect the new owner was pushing the key in hard and somehow damaged it. I will try a bypass.