1. J

    vtuvia sn-100 error code 10 h

    my vtuvia sn-100 had an error code 30 h diconnected the motorplug and found a couple of pins out of line . after plugging back in i have an error code of 10 h
  2. J

    vtuvia sn-100 error code 30 h

    my vtuvia sn 100 is showing an error code of 30 h , any help on this one !!
  3. D

    Vtuvia sn100 20H error code.

    Need help. Is not working.
  4. b2chaser

    Vtuvia SN100 display screen

    Looking for a display screen for my vtuvia sn100. I called vtuvia support but no help. Seeing how I bought the bike at an auction it's not registered. They our afraid it's stolen. So I need a display and a key. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  5. E

    Vtuvia 48 volt fat tire ebike issue

    Hi all, I bought a Vtuvia 48 volt fat tire ebike a little over a year ago. I started having problems a few weeks ago.I can be riding along and the display on the handlebar just cuts off and I loose all assist.I have checked all connections including the battery and all seems fine.I am a 57 year...
  6. P

    Rogue river, Oregoni - WTVA (Vtuvia) folding fat tire step thru

    Rogue river Oregon i have a wtva folding fat tire step thru. 750 watt 200 miles and trouble free for $1299.00 wife has a rad mini step thru 2 portjon here
  7. J

    Vtuvia pronounciation

    How do you pronounce Vtuvia (the bike).
  8. longlegs

    Hub Motor Noise (VTUVIA SN100)

    Hello. This is my first posting. I joined here since @vtuviaebike Lisa is active in this forum. Also, maybe others can help me sort this thing out. Hoping I can get some answers. Thank you in advance. I have been commuting with my ebike for 3500km (2175 miles) now. I have noticed a grinding...
  9. Neogeo

    VTUVIA SN100 need password / code

    Hi, I recently purchased a Vtuvia sn100 but I cannot access the advanced settings as its passcode protected, i contacted Vtuvia and they refuse to give me the code, which is usually the same code for each brand if controller or ebike, I need to change some stuff like the push assist speed and...
  10. P

    Vtuvia ebike problem stops every time I ride

    My vtuvia leaves me stranded every time I ride this ebike.battery shows 3lights.must be the computer. I have 295 miles on the ebike.i bought it and it was delivered on January 28. 2021. I am a 75 year old man and I need to get groceries.
  11. P

    Do I have to remove the battery ever time I charge my battery? (Vtuvia)

    Is it safe to leave the battery in my Vtuvia ebike when I charge the battery?
  12. S

    Hello, just bought one. (Vtuvia WTVA)

    I'm a retired electrical/automation tech and a veteran of the USAF, life long motorcyclist now retired from that, too. I sold my motorcycle and used part of the cash to buy one of these bikes. I want to slow down, go places motorcycles aren't allowed, get some exercise and ride something with...
  13. V

    Hello, This is VTUVIA eBikes!

    Hello, this is VTUVIA ebikes, we are have Fat Tire, Mountain and Folding Electric Bike, here is a video show!:) Click here to see more details: https://www.vtuvia.com/