Hi from sunny Aus


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Aug 21, 2023
So I have just gathered a love of ebike touring after building my first ebike and decided to join a community with similar interests.

I have been an avid cyclist since I was a wee kid (now 37) but due to autoimmune heart issues and lupus I have been off the bike since 2016 and have been scared to put a good load on my heart since my last bout of myocarditis in February.

I decided I can't be scared for the rest of my life and built up an ebike from parts to get me back into touring/camping without the overt stress on me heart.

Ended up buying this frame off Facebook marketplace for $150 and threw a bunch of spare parts on it. Picked up a 36v 20ah battery (35e cells) and a kt-25a kit and have been getting back into off grid camping. Running a 44t front ring, 11-40t 10spd rear and a gx mech as the back end is so long a clutch is basically a necessity.


Looking forward to wrapping my head around the efficiency curves of these geared motors and increasing my understanding of the controller functions over time.