Help with head tube angle


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2:26 PM
Jul 17, 2020
So I'm contemplating going 150mm on my Levo in the front. Current set up is 140mm with 66.5 degree hta. What would the extra 10mm of fork change it to? I feel the bike would be more balanced. It's slightly stink bug to me. Thx.
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Depends on a lot of factors, but rule of thumb, 20 mm = one degree
So, just ordered fox 34 Speed Pedelec 150mm for my Levo. I'll let ya'll know how it performs on the Levo compared to the stock Pike 150. (Which is up for sale btw..)
It is hard for me to find fault with the pike. Length of travel is not the whole story. How high does the fork ride in its travel, quality of the suspension does the fork dive when braking,...ect.

Your absolutely correct. The pike is an awesome fork, I've owned three. I know how to set up suspension also. I really like the way my 6fattie feels with the slightly taller fork and I believe the fox valving will be more aggressive for the weight of the bike. I'm a huge front brake guy.
As said, depends on sus set up. 10 mm is very small, coupled with sag set up, not much. Another way to go is with the newer angle adjust headsets. Don't know if that would work with your current set up. One more way to adjust hta is with tire size.
Excellent point about tires; I've adjusted hta (sometimes by accident) with tire size; it was fun to try ascending difficult (for me) hills with a smaller front tire, very stink buggy, that allowed the front to dig in while I pedaled as furiously as possible.