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Mar 16, 2024
We just purchased two Himiway Zebra D5's (our first) and we intend to pull our travel trailer across country. We are unable to carry these bikes on the back of the camper so we had a hitch receiver installed on the front of our truck. My concern is water damage to hub and other components during travel thru rain. Can't use full size bike covers as it would restrict airflow to truck radiator. Did purchase complete handlebar covers. Biggest concern is for hub. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Welcome. I don't have much info to share on the camper hitch, but welcome, and enjoy the journey. I wish my wife and I were doing the same.
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Seems like you went a little too big and/or heavy on the eBikes.

The hub motors are generally very weather-resistant. I would be equally concerned about weatherproofing the display and controller, as they are designed to protect against rain falling vertically, rather than horizontally, as it would see on the front of your truck. It could be as simple as wrapping them with plastic shopping bags and rubber bands. (tightly!)

Have you tried a Google search for something like: "waterproofing eBikes for RV"? I bet you're not the first to have tread this path.

Last resort would be to source lighter and/or more compact eBikes. A lighter option would be Aventon Soltera.2. Lighter and more compact would be Lectric XP Lite. Less capable off-road and cargo carrying, but sacrifices have to be made for RV-ing!