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Sep 9, 2022
Greeting ebike enthusiasts. Ryan here from Kiel, WI... ya, the same city you heard in the news not to long ago.

My wife, son and I just purchased some lectric ebikes and they'll be here next week ish. Already ordered the stuff to make a XP 2.0 Long range a duel battery setup and a system to try a quad battery setup on a xp premium with hard panniers. Our goal is to overland with these bikes and map trail routes, dispersed camping, etc. for all to enjoy.

It's great seeing a xenforo website here, a very nice platform to use!

Looking to build a tube frame monster bike perhaps, we'll see. This hobby definitely has my interest coming from the RC and motorcycle worlds. In fact, that's how we got into this thing... my son wanted a dirtbike, but our current overlanding trailer isn't tall enough to haul motorcycles so folding ebikes it is for now. We go to a lot of Jeep shows across the country so the ebikes will be a welcome mode of transportation when the jeep is tied up in shows.

Here's a picture of how we have no jeep during a show. From the Great Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion a few weeks ago.

I have extensive data for lots of roads and trails that would be ebike friendly in and around Wisconsin along with exploring trails and paths across the country. Love mapping those types of things with my 360 setup people can use for free on Google Street view.

Anyway, look forward to continue learning and meeting people as we set out on these types of adventures!
Welcome to the forum, Ryan!

That’s a sweet Jeep you’ve got there. Do any rockcrawling? Looks like you’re set up for it.

Do you have a bike rack for it?

I’ve got a 2020 Wrangler Sport (JL). Just had to get an 8” hitch extender to pop it out enough to fit behind the rear spare.



Been thinking about upsizing my Jeep tires a bit (nothing like your monster wheels though <grin>) but with the Sport frame to go much bigger I would have to install a lift. Dealer gave me a $2000 estimate on that, so I bought an ebike instead. :)
I do climb some rocks from time to time. We build trails, so it's a requirement.

40s on a 4.5" teraflex lift. Trussed, gears, etc. No bike rack yet, we use a trailer. I'm getting the airlift 1000 air bag system so could do 3 ebikes on the aftermarket hitch without sag. The tire carrier can hold em too so maybe 2 in the rear and 1 up front, but I'd rather just fold em up and toss em in the trailer. No water, no prying eyeballs...


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Welcome to the forum! I am new to ebikes myself. I bought Lectric XPremium for my first ebike and I love it. I have had mine a couple of weeks now and haven't had any problems. I fold mine down to haul it to different states to ride. Just noticed a bunch of those dreadful mexican sandburs embedded in my tires but no flats. Lectric puts slime in the tires to deter flats and it must be working. Lectric really has a good product. I am 300lbs and the bike handles me just fine with lots of range. Good luck with your bikes.
Yeah we have been running hundreds of miles on them and reviewing a bunch of trails along with putting a bunch of the trails into street maps. It's been a lot of fun doing modifications and looking forward to overlanding bike packing stuff assuming the world doesn't blow up before spring.
You sent a beautiful fall picture of your bikes. Looks great. I am in Albuquerque this week riding around and the XPremium has been taking the steep inclines very well. Also using those hydraulic disk brakes on the steep downhills. Leaving tomorrow with my bike for the Ozarks to hopefully see some pretty fall colors as in your picture. We have a cabin reserved for 2 weeks not far from Silver Dollar City by Branson. I will get to try riding some Ozark backroads with my ebike. How do you lock up your bikes when you make short stops? I had a TREK stolen once so I am a little nervous about leaving my bike anywhere.


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I love the Ozarks and Silver Dollar City. Hope to move down there someday. We use the lectric locks and don't ride in populated areas or keep eyes on the machines if we stop. Many times, we're Also armed especially on trails where we may encounter big cats, bears, or perhaps Bigfoot .
Glad to hear you are armed while out riding. I think you have as bigger chance using a gun against someone trying to attack you on some of the remote trails. I have ridden thru some pretty sketchy areas on the bike trails through different big cities. Some of them get down right scary. I got most of those mexican sandburs out of my tires and I still haven't lost any air. I am so impressed. I had to use pliers to get some of the thorns out because they were embedded so deep.