Hello, This is VTUVIA eBikes!


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Nov 1, 2020
Hello, this is VTUVIA ebikes, we are have Fat Tire, Mountain and Folding Electric Bike, here is a video show!:)

Click here to see more details: https://www.vtuvia.com/
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I'm speechless....How about posting the edited video?? Is there even an edited version?

Does it even work?!

I was waiting for the test ride on the beach.

napoleon dinamite sweet jumps.jpg
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Is it made out of 2x4’s?
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It totally depends on how many watts it outputs, that hub is pretty small, like a typical wimpy 8Fun or something.
Looks good at the beach, especially. Let's see how it runs.

Probably should have led with that last part first. Also have a look around at the ebike forum and see what people are riding here. Might not be your demographic, even if "Arnold Schwarzenegger recently rode this electric bike event"