Hello from Ireland - Dublin area.


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Apr 14, 2022
Hi Everyone - I posted a problem earlier and I got it resolved!! Win. I'd better say hello and give some more info on my E-bike.

It's a Dutch bike concept - the original frame is a Sparta. I have a mid-mount Bafang system and 20Ah battery - I went the route of the Dutch bike as I find them more comfortable to ride in my old age - 62!! I like the fully enclosed chain and brakes - it makes maintenance less frequent. Although the brakes are not really up to E-bike standard... I'd like to find a front suspension fork to fit with disc brake setup - that would be a whole lot safer. I commute around 40km each day rain wind or shine, although I did skive off a few days in the last big storm we had in Ireland. The bike has been a solid reliable machine - I've done around 4500km so far since Sept. last year. My wife had a factory built E-bike too, but she couldn't keep up with me, so we've sold that and I am retro-fitting her old tour bike with a Bafang kit as well. Hopefully, it won't be too much for her to cope with.

Back to my bike - I'll post a few pics - one of the other reasons I went for the Dutch bike is the built-in wheel lock - I hope to avoid any loss by having a dated style that may be less appealing to aspiring free-bikers. It has a 3 sp. Shimano hub gear - also low maintenance. I upped the size of the tyres too to help with the increased load of motor and battery. The bottom bracket was larger than spec for the Bafang unit so I had to make a "shim" tube to achieve a tight creak-free crank - I split a copper water pipe to wrap around the Bafang tube. Much filing and fitting, but it has been trouble free. The front spar is curved (Grrr) so I had to make a plan to mount the battery - I 3d printed a couple of stand-offs and mounted the battery on a slab of reinforcing aluminium plate - this had held it very securely - I used rivet nuts to secure through the frame tube. To protect and finish off the wiring I used a section of PVC waste pipe that is centre-fixed to hide the excess wires - again with a riv-nut through the frame tube. I still need to paint that...

And, because I live on a barge - a picture of my gangplank - I attached a u-channel to one side to help get the bike on and off the boat.

So, thanks for the help so far. I hope I can make some contributions too, in future.


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Hope to see you posting some pics taken during your rides, Alistair. Stay safe.


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Sep 26, 2022
East Tennessee
First let me say welcome from E. Tennessee. I'm new here myself and to ebikes in general.
Nice build, I enjoy reading about people's builds. Every single one is different. I'm sure your going to enjoy it here. Cheers!