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New 80 MPH military electric bicycle unveiled as e-bike maker opens defense division

I was out about yesterday and found myself at one of the local e-bike retailers. I was talking to the owner about the EBC Model J which of course he didn't have in stock but did have a customer unit in for service which he let me sit on. I liked the sitting position and overall feel. He said he has one coming soon that he would let me do a demo ride. I like that it comes with 24" tires because I'm 6'4" with a 32" inseam. Being that I have been riding motorcycles most of my life I think I will be more comfortable on this style bike, we will see. I don't see me pedaling much if at all so it's good that it can be ordered with a second and / or third battery. I don't want or need anything more than a class III as my average speed is 10 to 15 mph on the bike I ride now with a range of 30 to 35 miles. I don't want anything that would have to be registered and would require a tag and insurance. I've looked at other models such as the Motor Goat V2 which can be ordered with foot pegs instead of pedals though it has 20" tires. I guess I'll wait till the demo ride and see how it goes.
Here is my Motor Goat v3. Shown with optional rear rack and basket. I am pretty happy with it. I still am waiting for the second battery pack which will bump it up to 45 Amp Hours of capacity. The single big "fuel tank battery" is a nominal 60 volts at 25 Amp Hour. Goat humorously under-stated the battery voltage, probably to avoid impacting sales of some of their other eBikes which are a true 60 Volt battery.

7 Basket loaded to ride.JPG