Electric cars aren't catching on in NYC...but eBikes are!


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Jun 9, 2022
SE Wisconsin
It's so funny, because NYC is progressive and liberal, but not enough to quickly beef up electric car infrastructure. Result? Only 1% of cars in NYC are electric, but eBikes are taking OVER.

This guy makes a good point of it, in a long-winded way, and transitions to eBikes at about 9:24:
He brings up some very good points about why EV are difficult to utilize in the big city environment. Found it interesting that the city vehicles were monopolizing the charges at the one site, plugged in and left there until they are needed vs. when the charge is complete? E-bikes definitely came out ahead.
Perhaps a secondary factor is that parking can be difficult in New York City for a car.
The problem is less critical for a bike which can be rolled into where you live.
And since they are legally bikes, the sidewalks and bike racks are fair game too!
When I lived in New York I had no need for MY OWN car.....if I needed one though I'd just borrow my brothers....otherwise plenty of taxi's, buses, and trains to get around besides my 26" Diamondback....NYC is not a good choice for E-cars because of the congestion....battery would have to be constantly charged.....I never had a license till I was 27 and got my first car when I moved to PA at 39 years old....
...NYC is not a good choice for E-cars because of the congestion....battery would have to be constantly charged. …
I don’t think you understand how electric vehicles work: They are not using power when they’re sitting still, except for HVAC. MUCH more efficient in traffic than gassers.

The reason they’re not accepted is because of lack of infrastructure.
His point about parking and having to walk blocks to your dwelling is telling. As he said , no place to plug in at your “residence” as many suburban folks could, let along charging stations few and far between. Drag your bike or battery into your place and you are charging….
It is illegal to ride or operate a bicycle or ebike in the sidewalk in NYC. Parking is another story.