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Nov 20, 2023
Hi All

I'm 67 retired.
Living in Scotland
I developed a long term heart condition at 32, which over the years has meant several surgical interventions.
I don't expect to be pedalling for too much longer.
That said I'm no quitter.
I currently own a bog standard 15 year old Raleigh bicycle.
I use it all the time. Mostly to go to the shops, a couple of miles round trip, to do my shopping.
Recently the journey, which includes several steep inclines, has become increasingly challenging to the point I need to dismount and take a breather.
The logical solution in my mind is to get an ebike.

Every where I look on the net I get the feeling I'm being taken for a ride ( excuse the pun ) with contradictory advice and ridiculous pricing. A bike, with an electric motor, controller and battery... £9000+ ...lol ... on your bike ( another pun ) :)
So what I'm looking for is impartial, realistic and accurate advice as to what I should be looking for and recommendations based on first hand experience.

As I said I'm a pensioner. In other words disposable income is very limited.
I'm also rugby player built, though with shortish legs. Was excellent inside centre. So M frame .
I'm not interested in bling. A bike that looks like a bike is just fine by me.
Range is not important. So long as I can safely make the journey to the shops once or twice in a day, say 10 miles full assist up the inclines, that's ok.
Power or torque I guess is more important.
Has rear paniers and rack with the capability of also attaching front ones or a front rack.
Effective front and rear road lights.
Comfortable upright riding position.

Preferably Hub Drive. The Bosch Active line Smart system seems to be a good recommendation though no doubt there are comparable units from other manufacturers that might be better value.

Although my off grid solar and wind power system is 24v/240v battery voltage 12,24,36 or 48 is not an issue for recharging.

I guess that a good starting point for discussion. I'm more than happy to supply further information as needed.

My initial budget is around the £1000 mark but I'm hoping if I drop the hint everywhere Santa might help some. lol

Maybe £1500 would be more realistic. Hoho Ho...

Welcome to the forum, from southeast Wisconsin, USA!

Well, we have a few Brits and Europeans here, but we're mostly Americans, and we have different laws.
Here's a good article on that:

From your post, I would assume you want a basic eBike, with assistance limited to 25 kph (15.5 mph) and 250 W motor, as they're cheaper and don't need registration or any of that jazz.

You mostly need it for hill-climbing and there are some killer hills in Scotland, so I'm not sure if your preference for a hub motor is justified. They are cheaper and simpler, but do not give nearly as much climbing torque as a mid drive design, which uses the bike's mechanical gearing for easy climbing.

Still, a hub motor is a lot better than nothing, if that's all you can afford, and they do give good assistance in hill-climbing. The 250 W limit is basically doubling the power output of a typical person.

Your offerings there are very different than our in the USA, so it'll be hard for us to make specific recommendations.

One thing you might check into is whether there are any subsidies for seniors for eBikes in your area. Seems like they might be anxious to get pensioners out of cars?

When you find a few bikes you've narrowed it down to, please post links here, and then we can analyze them and make recommendations.

User Pinhead here is a Brit, and I think there are a few others who will join in shortly as well.
Welcome @Rockhaggis!

I am over 60, not British, but have lived in the UK for several years (and love Scotland in particular!). I can't offer any real help as I don't have much experience about ebikes - I bought my first a year ago, extremely happy though - but I have noticed that the problem, as usual, is "how to judge if someone's opinion is correct". I usually find that if someone's opinion is set in stone, it maybe wrong. If someone is doubtful and asks before answering, that means they deserve some trust.

Finally, I would go around, visit the available shops in your area (seeing, touching and testing is way better than a thousand words).

Although your country has left the EU :( I think the 250W/25km/h rules still apply and are definitely enough for your needs.
Hi Rockhaggis
I’m the same age as you, living in North Wales.
I consider myself a lapsed club cyclist who used to time trial and road race but I’ve recently pushed the boat’out and got a lovely carbon electric race bike on ‘tick’!
My reason for taking the plunge were similar to your situation (maybe) cruciate ligaments and atrial fibrillation… but I can still cycle!!
My tip would be to look at ‘Halfords’ offers and if you can wangle a cycle scheme voucher from somewhere even better! They do have great deals and I’ve got a couple of Boardman non electric bikes from there, still going well after 10 years… failing that, I would speak to your local bike shop and discuss what you want from your cycling..hope this helps
I am in Wales

I can only speak for my bikes, I had converted to E with Bafang, they have been going over 20 years so VERY reputable.

Cogs Y Gogs in Wales did them for me.

If you have a bike then consider a conversion and never look back

GOOGLE this,, HUB drive of MID drive bike and 100% will say for hills, off road, etc MID drive all the way, don't take my word do the google cycling magazine, E mountain bike site and so on.

I recently went for an eye test, 40 mile round trip, I thought wait 2 hours to be able to drive after eye drops or cycle, rain, cold, WIND (gale), 40 miles later back home, one battery, flat but 40 miles :) AND that was using 5,6,7,8,9 settings out of 9 not the lowest, remember, Wales = Hills


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