Do ebikes work OK in cold winter weather?


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2:24 PM
Jun 21, 2018
I live in the Memphis area and the temperatures get down to below zero for weeks at a time. What happens to an ebike battery in below freezing temperatures? Does the battery life go down? Is there any speed or performance degradation?
Ebikes work fine in winter. In my experience with cold weather riding there is no noticeable different in the speed, power or range of my ebike.

Just make sure you have studded tyres if you are riding in icy conditions. One benefit with an ebike is that you don't notice a difference in speed with studs on the tyres. Without an ebike studs make it much harder to pedal.
Try to keep the battery warm, you can even put insulation around it on the bike. Keep the battery inside at night too.
Cold weather doesn't damage the battery but there may be less power coming from it.