Disappointed after purchasing an e-bike?

Mostly I build mine so the answer is No to all points. However I did purchase a hub drive fat bike and after trying it on a few rides did make a few changes to get it into a slightly better "trail ready" status. Having done that I just sold it to a friend
Mostly I build mine so the answer is No to all points. However I did purchase a hub drive fat bike and after trying it on a few rides did make a few changes to get it into a slightly better "trail ready" status. Having done that I just sold it to a friend
You have full control over parts quality and process.
Thank you.
I have never bought a perfect product in my entire life. I work as an engineer. I look at everything from a coffeemaker to a sports car as a "platform" to be enhanced.

It is rare for me to leave any product "as is". This is not "disappointment" it is simply the realization that accountants limit production parameters on any product made. If I like the platform, it is worth investing in. Often, I research the product in reviews and learn what are the most common failing parts. I will order replacement parts at the time of purchase. This way, should that part fail 5 years later, I have spares on hand.

My biggest challenge is keeping my fingers out of my Wife's eBike. Every time she sees me looking at her bike with a gleam in my eye, she tells me: "leave it alone, it is perfect".
No. In fact I've been pleasantly surprised with my ebike. I've enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. if I had it to do over again I'd buy the same one. KBO Beeze. For the money I don't think it can be beat.
Nope.....very satidfied with my ebike....arrived assembled......put some air in tires....adjusted seat and handle bars....been riding for two years. I have a Lectric XP 2.0.......so far so good!
There's almost always *some* level of disappointment; some thing that's not what I expected.
For example, I just got the Portola and it doesn't roll as easily as I'm used to with my Aventon Level.2. It's a 20x3" "semi-fat tire bike", but I expected a little better. Maybe road tread tires will help a bit in the future.

I changed tires my Lectric XP Lite and was disappointed at how hard it is to get that rear wheel off and on. That axle nut is really entombed in there!

The Electra didn't come with any kind of lights wired in. Had to buy a set powered by a separate battery.

The HyperScrambler 2 is not realistically pedal-able, so it's only a question of what speed I ride it under throttle only. It's funny that it has these two big honkin' 52 V, 19 Ah batteries but the realistic range is about the same as that of my Level.2 with its single 48 V, 13 Ah battery.

The Aventon Level.2 and my Trek Domane AL3 are the only two bikes I've had where I've had zero disappointments.
I've been in love with my RadRunner-Plus since I bought it three years and 2,200 miles ago. It's changed my life.

I had very little knowledge of ebikes then. I only knew that since I couldn't get on or off my acoustic mountain bike any more (two artificial hips) it had to be a low step-thu and capable of carrying both groceries and grandchildren. Local bike shops had nothing remotely suitable, and nothing near the Rad's price either, so I took a gamble and paid £1300GBP on-line.

Little did I know what a great 'fit' for my evolving needs the RadRunner-Plus would turn out to be and although not perfect in lots of secondary ways it provided a versatile platform for upgrading. I've since spent more on the bike than it originally cost - EggRider, Magura brakes, Suntour seatpost, air forks, Schwalbe tyres, multiple different seats and handlebars, bags and baskets, bells, grips, mirrors, lights etc etc.
Were you disappointed after purchasing and using an e-bike?
- ride - It rides fine. Stable. Predictable handling. Fun to ride.
- quality - The build quality is excellent. Very nice, clean welding on the frames. Good paint finish.
- servicing - Service them myself. Use a Park PCS-9.3. Helpful videos available on YouTube produced by the seller.
- cost(s) - Good value for the money.
- surprises - None.
- other - Consistently excellent customer service (highly responsive, timely and helpful)
The e-bikes: Two Lectric XP 3.0s - one step-over, one step-through
The whole experience with Lectric exceeded my expectations.
Ebike: Paselec VX2. Very Lectric XP-like bike.

- ride - no

- quality - no

- servicing - yes. Once I started have too much fun in year 1, my mind shifted to - finding spare electric parts so that my bike wouldn't be down for an extensive period if anything happened. It's the most important thing I recommend to prospective buyers: if you are buying online, check out the service rep of the company - and the availability of spare parts.

- cost(s) - none for the bike. A bit for the rack. It took us 2 seasons to get over it and buy a rack that could safely hold to heavy ebikes. You can't buy the cheapest junk on Amazon and get away with it.

- surprises - fortunately for us, no. At least - not yet. If you read the Lectric forum, you see lots of random unexpected Stuff going wrong.
So far for us, it has been a clean journey without hiccups.