Controller wiring Samebike 20lvxd30


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May 14, 2023
St helens
Hi I'm new to ebikes and currently own a Samebike 20lvxd30, I have to change the controller and I'm stuck as to which wire goes where cos they don't match with the colour of the wires on to which it connects.

The connection fittings will fit other connections making it a headache to put back together.

I've been ribbed and laughed at for not marking the connection between the two, but can anyone please help me as I have already burnt one controller out and I don't fancy burning my new controller out
H there, welcome!

So what your saying is that the wires on the Samebike 20lvxd30 controller wires are completely different colors from the wires on the bike itself?

Here is a controller wiring diagram I found for the Samebike 20lvxd30:

Samebike 20lvxd30 controller wiring diagram.jpg

And here is a photo of the controller which is sold through the Samebike website:
Samebike 20lvxd30 controller front.jpg

Samebike 20lvxd30 controller rear.jpg

Which wires are you confused about? Can you please post a photo of the wires on your ebike?
Hi thanks for your reply. The wires on the bike side are completely different colours to the controller,I should have photographed it before but it still would be confusing


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