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Aug 6, 2023
I am new to ebikes and needing help buying a replacement controller. I bought two Chinese fat tyre bikes that have never worked properly. Having given up trying to sort it out with the manufacturer I'm looking for some help.

Currently the spec is Bafang 48v 1000w fat tyre rear hub G062.1000.D.06 motor. King Meter Nokee USB display. Thumb throttle. Hydraulic brakes with control wires. Cadence sensor. Headlight. The problem seems to be the controllers which are labelled as having a maximum current of 20A and a rated current of just 10A. I also cannot access the programming items above P3.

So is there a controller available that will work with this setup particularly the display, allowing access to changing functions above P3? Will it need specialised programming or is it just a case of sorting out the connections?

If this is not possible and I need to also change the display what combination of new display and controller should I look for.

Any help and advice would be gratefully received along with any links to suppliers. I attach the existing cable connections.

Many thank


  • Original contrroller connections.pdf
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I am new to ebike.I purchased a kit from Alibaba and AliExpress.You may have to change the connection to make them fit.Cheers& good luck
you might have to change controller and display. Do you know what protocol your display is, common one is Protocol 2...that is what my chinese bikes uses. From your PDF the display uses a 5 pin so an s866/s830/m5 with protocol2 display will work. Same with my bike when it came in he M5 display was bad so while waiting for replacement, used an s 830. The issue I had was the p17-p20 functions I couldnt get to unlike the m5 display. I also wanted to change the curent to max 22amps but I think this one may be hardcoded to the controller.
I would order a display sice they are cheap and see if I can go above P3, Majke sure it has the 5pins, your PDF shows that.
The P14 sets the current and mine can be set at 20A max. My controller can do 28Amps max.
The specs on my chinese bike is almost exact as yours. 48v 13ah, 1000w.
Have fun

a lot of people with these bikes upgrade to a KT controller setup, depending what your battery can do continously (amp) and better batteries and push that 1kw motors.
I don't mean to hijack this thread but I am curious how you know the specifics of the controller?I bought a kit from Alibaba and it has no information.I have a sw900 display and it has a 30amp output option.I have a 48v1000w DD hub motor and according to the display it's using 1400 watts at full throttle with a fully charged battery
It would help if you could describe exactly what problem you are attempting to solve.

If it is just the amps, for a simple, easy, no-cost solution, research the shunt mod.