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Jul 12, 2020
Whats the cheapest ebike you have ridden?

For me it was a used BMC v1 for C$20 and the windings werent discolored. It was from a local used bicycle store and repair, the bmc v1 needed a new gear which was C$25 delivered, and a new ebay auction sensored controller for C$15 delivered, and a new throttle for C$10 delivered. I put that on a freebie bicycle, which had a bad rear derailleur, I guess the previous owners took it to a bike mechanic and were quoted $100+ and their jaws dropped.

When talking all new, it was a generic 9C direct drive 30H for C$180 which came as a kit, delivered, you know the usual kits with a bag, bungee cords, pas ring, grips, throttle, some low powered controller like 25 or 30A. I upgraded the controller which cost me C$20 from the another seller on ebay. With that I went out to the lbs, and purchased a $500 Trek, I lasted a week on that bike before a neighbor bought it, and they are still riding it today.

A local bike store ebike I've ridden was a BionX which I can't remember much about but it got me into ebiking. I was surprised at the high price. I went into a lbs last week, and ridden one of their $3k ebikes, I would never buy a prebuilt ebike but I wanted to see how it rode. I then went on to rent an ebike, which I found out a lot of bicycle stores do, heck some of the bikes they rent cost more to rent then a car. I saw one for $80/day, must've cost $2-3k, while a car rental is can be as low as $20/day but normally is around $30-$40/day and cost $20k.

A family friend was downsizing, and so I recommended an ebike for him to purchase from a lbs store.
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