Bosch Warranty is a Botch - Buyer Beware


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Sep 29, 2020
Warranty Means Warranty (UNO)

Read the fine print and you will see the words Warranty, 2 years repair or replace by Bosch for Battery, Motor, and Controls. Sales people confirmed as did the Electric TREK Towne Electra Manual.

Now comes the reality Check: With the first recharge use the battery would not recharge. After 7 weeks in two shops I was told the Battery was bad and would be replaced. Wow... 7 weeks and a new Bosch battery
I am charged $89 for Warranty interface, Diagnostics, Postage, Handling, and Taxes. The Why so much to test a battery is answered by the Bike Shoppe Owner that Bosch Warranty Group is horrible to work with and they spent tons on the phone to get my Free Battery with a $89 Warranty Charge. We settled for half and agreed never to return.

Continued Calls to Bosch Rep Chis and Ebike Director Channing promised to send me the paperwork declaring the Warranty EXCEPTION words but never did. So Buyer Be Ware.
Buy a Shimano System and Stay clear of Botch I mean Bosch. Pass it on..... and on... and on...
Very disappointed in thier responce to the Deceptive Business practice that is not listed in writing unlike the TREK words