Bbshd 1000w programmed to 500w to be legal in Canada?


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4:33 PM
Apr 16, 2021
I want a bbshd 1000w but in Canada ontario ottawa they asking that the power maximum is 500w so can i get a 1000w programmed to 500w ? And still be legal?
Silly question on my end but how are the officers going to know? Asking for a friend. Ha, Ha!
My rear hub is 250/1000 w set via the display, so I'm legal for british roads at 250w & at 1000w I'm ok off road as long as i have the landowners permission. You could check out Cyclotricity, i believe they send abroad & they also sell a 250/500w mid drive & a rear hub. I've also seen other manufacturers selling these types of kits online, good luck with your search respects rob
I get around it by using a double battery pack. Run it with 2 500w battery packs, call one a backup and run a crossover loop between them and to your main powerline to your hub and it'll push the full 1000 but look like 2 sets of 500 ;) i do it with a 1500w at 72v. max here is 750x36 and they've pulled me over a cpl times and I gave them that explanation exactly and they left me alone. :p Now me and the local officers have races when they recognize me. lmao