Bag for my e bike to charge in or store battery in


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Oct 2, 2022
Redding ca.
Good day all. Just got a fire, explosion proof bag from Amazon $25 about and my large 16ah Engwe Engine Pro battery. Since I'm into rc cars and rc planes I have many safe charging from fire and explosion . Never had any do that but have seen and read about batteries catching fire or explosion and should always have a bag to charge in . It's large well made with zippers and velcro. Also it's nice to store your e bike battery in.
Happy rides.


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My homemade sling Rev 3. Mesh material to rid debris and moisturw, w Velcro strap to hang battery from a rack and to carry.
Rev 4 will be taller and larger diameter.


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I’ve got the same one, it looks like, Jimbo.

What impresses me most about this bag is that for the cost, it is VERY well made! The material is quite thick, there is a large, high quality zipper which seals it, and then a very heavy duty Velcro flap which goes over that (which actually requires a little effort to separate).

As you stated, even if (hopefully) my battery does not go nuclear on me, it provides a nice safe storage space, and there is plenty of room for my charger and cords as well.


Good idea if you're keeping those batteries inside your house, preferably the garage. I may line a metal box with Homosote board for the same reason.

There is another type of bag to keep your important computerized/CPU-ized stuff in. it is a Faraday cage bag from Off Grid TREK in Canada. This is for the EMP that North Korea will detonate 5 minutes ahead of their Peoples' nuclear strike. So in those 5 minutes your important electronic gadgets will be quite safe. In the meantime you can assume "The Nuclear Attack Position (bend over and kiss your ass goodbye). jus' sayin'...

Speaking of Li-ion battery fires, I just bought a BLUETTI AC200 MAX energy center (battery) of Lithium iron phosphate. About 15% heavier than a comparable Li-ion battery but far safer from internal combustion. When I'm car camping that battery is connected to my Off Grid TREK 220 watt foldable solar "blanket" so I can charge my e-mtb and run a cooler and some lights.
Thank you for bringing this product to my attention. I did not know it existed. This will help with my worrying over the potential battery fire when charging. Hopefully, it will never need to be tested.