aventon aventure speed limitter not working


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7:21 PM
Oct 8, 2022
I just received my new Aventon Aventure. I downloaded the app and paired with my eBike instrument controller. I am trying to set the speed limit to MAX, however the bike still only goes 20MPH. I have set it lowered, unpaired and repaired..... and nothing seems to work.

Has anybody experienced this issue and what is the fix?
I'm still new to this whole e-bike thing but I know on my Aventon Level, I can adjust the max speed from 45kph to 51kph but that does not change the 20mph max on electric only, it only allows for a few more mph on 5PAS with me pedaling full bore. Now I can get to 31mph versus 28mph before I made the change. It only changed the point at which the electric motor stopped providing assist but my impression is that the 20mph is locked in since it's rated as a class III e-bike. But, I'm only using the stock meter that came with the bike, the more sophisticated one may allow for different settings.