Aventon Aventure


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May 4, 2023
My Aventon Aventure has a steering Shaking/oscillating problem. This started after about 2500 miles. I had the bike shop check it and they put in new head set bearings. That did not fix the problem. I had Aventon send me the complete head set and the bike shop installed that and it still shakes. It is not a speed problem as it will do it at any speed. You can actually just grab the handle bars while it is stopped and shake the bike and see/feel the bike oscillating. There is no play in the headset and every thing is to specs. They can't figure out what is causing the oscillations even when it's standing still. Any ideas?
Thank you for your response. The way it oscillates while not moving is, you can just shake the handle bars back and forth and the rest of the bike will oscillate and continue to shake. It first started when the original head set bearings went bad. Like I said before, the bike shop has changed the head set 2 times including an original replacement set from Aventon. The new head set has helped a little but the shaking/ oscillating is still there.
There is no slack or play in the steering. The bike shop said ever thing is to spec. They have been in contact with Aventon for weeks now and they can't figure it out. Since the original problem was caused by bad/deteriorated head set bearings I would have assumed that a new factory set would have fixed the problem. Apparently not. We are still waiting on updated info from Aventon.