36v - 60v battery ?s


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Aug 22, 2022
I am looking at taking a hub motor for an ebike and converting it to run a utility cart/wheelbarrow contraption of mine. The lithium ion batteries that typically are sold with the hub motor have been discontinued and my knowledge on batteries is limited. I was told that the controller for the hub motor can handle 36v-60v, but the battery output would need to be at least 15A. Typically, these hubs are run by (2) 36v 2.7amp hour batteries with a 10 amp max discharge each.

Question #1: What is the difference between max amp discharge and amp hour? How could a 2.7 amp hour battery discharge 10 amps?

Question #2: Since the batteries have been discontinued, I was considering wiring it to run on my Milwaulkee M18 Fuel batteries. If I run (2) M18 5 amp hour batteries, that should satisfy the 36v requirement, although the work time would be reduced as compared to running the (2) 36v batteries. Besides drill batteries, are there other types of batteries that may serve well for this type of application? Compact size and low weight are key for mounting and because it is going to be well used daily.
(1) Max amp discharge is the maximum amps the battery can deliver.
The amp hours figure is the amount of amps that can be delivered multiplied by the time. For example a 2.7 amp hour battery could deliver 10 amps for (2.7/10) hours which is approximately 1/4 hour.
(2) laptop batteries might be an option. You can remove the cells and rewire them how you want.