Diy ebike battery pack from 2 x 36v hoverboard battery packs


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1:12 AM
Mar 15, 2023
Is it possible to safely run 2 x 36v hoverboard battery packs in Parallel as a way to maintain voltage output (36v) but notionally double the amp hr rating.?

is it as simple as using a y connector to converge both batteries into the bike controller.? Recharging could be via each individual pack which would mean 2 sep charging cycles, but there would be better redundancy. Hoverbike batts are usually 10s2p or 10s3p with better undervoltage protection

i have access to some rebuilt hoverbike batteries that were repacked with samsung cells from ex greenworks 80v ride on lawnmower batteries. (Greenworks/kobalt/snapper unfort use a dodgey 20s controller design with no undercurrent protection, so that when 1 x cell goes bust the entire battery pack becomes useless)

my current 36v battery is basically 15s2p but the pack is really asthmatic on gradients so it really needs replacing. A repack quotation was approx 3 times more expensive than the hoverbike battery solution (if it works)


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11:42 AM
Nov 26, 2022
A 36 volt battery is 10 series,15 series is weird unless its different chemistry, if you are really careful you may get by paralelling two packs.Be careful and do not short. I made an effort to get a battery maker to make me a 11 series battery pack to keep the voltage upm they refuse saying they couldn't get an11 series BMS.