230V Focus eBike Charger, How to Charge from 110V?


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Aug 15, 2020
I just purchased a Focus Bold2 from Hungary (phenomenal build quality) and the bike came with the charger, but not the US version. See the attached picture its showing it needs a 230V input. If I use an adapter to plug into US 110, will it work but just not as fast or do I need to get a 220 outlet installed in my garage? Thanks

230V ebike charger using 110V.jpg
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How much is a US spec charger from one of the US focus dealers?

focus dealers US map.jpg
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You can try to find a travel converter but finding a European to American one in America it going to be tough.

Or you can get a step up/step down

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I ended up buying one of those. I did find the step up unit for less than $20