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    230V Focus eBike Charger, How to Charge from 110V?

    I just purchased a Focus Bold2 from Hungary (phenomenal build quality) and the bike came with the charger, but not the US version. See the attached picture its showing it needs a 230V input. If I use an adapter to plug into US 110, will it work but just not as fast or do I need to get a 220...
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    Focus Jam2 impression 44 lbs

    I've been testing ebikes here and there for the last 10 years and its been interesting but a work in progress. Last couple years, it's gotten interesting as the focus and engineering has really gone in. Haven't tried the Pivot Shuttle yet but I should get a chance next week. The Jam2 has been...
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    Focus Project Y

    Focus Project Y is an e-road bike with a 250 watt mid-drive motor that weighs less than 12 kg (26 or so pounds) that Focus is considering producing. Interest for us is the technology should be transferable to MTB or cyclocross bikes. In addition to its light weight, the bike is stealth.