What Throttles work with Bullhorn Handlebars?


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Sep 2, 2023
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I have a Venzo bullhorn handlebar, 25.4 x 455mm, on my mtn bike. I am researching mid-motor conversion kits. One issue I see is fitting a throttle onto my bullhorn handlebars. Is there a full-twist throttle that can be installed through the 90-degree bend? Will a half-twisty work? The thumb throttle? I do have my original straight bar but I really like the bullhorns. I can add bolt-on bar ends if I have to.
Motorcycles have bullhorn bars and use throttles.

Have you tried any of the throttles for ebikes yet?
I have not seen motorcycles with bullhorn handlebars (my motorcycle has straight bars). I have not tried any throttles yet. I am hoping to hear from bullhorn owners what works for them before I buy a set.
"Thumb Throttle" clamp over the handlebar - so you don't have issues "going around the 90 bend".

Might be just me - but I have never seen BullHorn bards on a eBike - so you can be the 1st !
Thanks. The Hudamzky appears to be the one I like, and might also be able to keep my integrated brake/shifter combo. I have a friction shifter in case the current shift lever hits the throttle.
1. Please note on "throttles" - either Twist or Thumb styles - there are 2 different connectors that are used - both 3-pin - the Hudamsky 1/2 grip & half-twist - has Rectangular 3-Pin Female and quite more common is Round 3-Pin Female - (which often is called Bafang Half-Twist Throttle)

2. Again - a "Twist" Throttle - whether Full Grip or Half Grip - I blieve will NOT go thru a 90 handlbar corner
I’ve noticed the different plugs. I presume all the round three-pin yellow plugs will fit Bafang connectors. I’ve noticed the half twisty’s have a narrow clamp similar to a hose clamp. I may order one to see if it fits.
1. A throttle is basically a "potentiometer" - think of it as a line drawn up at a angle - the higher the X# - the steeper the angle - line starts at the same place and ends at the same place - its just the angle that changes

2. Amazon is your friend in eBike/eScooter accessories - its dang convenient to Order & Return anything you want to check out>
Please understand - just like a Full Throttle the Handlebar passes thru the throttle - and you have a Set-Screw to screw lock it Throttle on the
handlebar. The Half-Throttle is the same way - the Handlebar has to pass thru the half-throttle.
On a Thumb Throttle there are (2) screws to remove the lower half of the Thumb Throttle bbody - to be able to Clamp Over the handlebar>
On a Twist Throttle don't confuse (1) set scre to lock Throttle in position - the Twist Throttle still requires handlebar pass thru - and with a 90
bend neither a Full Throttle or Half Throttle will make it around the bend.
So, a 76x will take less twist to reach full power than the 20x? How much travel difference between the two are we talking? I presume a 20x will be easier to manage the power smoothly. I wonder why there are no more options in between.
#1 - please understand that neither a Full-Size-Throttle or Half-Size-Throttle will fit over a 90 bend in your selected handlebars

#2 - Regardless of the X# - for BEST control of a Half-Size Throttle (eBikers major choice in throttle) is using a clip-on Cramp-Buster - originally developed for motor cycles - where it is used clipped onto the outside edge of the throttle as manaual cruisee control - clipped over Half-Size-Throttle on a eBike lets you use the lower edge of your palm undeneath your thump - which is AWESOME : CLICK HERE CRAMP BUSTER CB-4
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I’ve seen those (I have a Suzuki DRZ) but did not think to use it on an ebike throttle. Will keep it in mind. Thanks.
In "general" a Half-Twist Throttle means 1/2 size - and "Twist" is in general 1/4 = 90 degrees "linearity" I have found to be smoother/better with "higherX" but my judgement is based on better throttle control using Cramp Buster which allows me to use my lower-palm/lower-thumb rather than foward twist. It really a Lucky Find for some of us on 1st Wave Ariel Grizzlies a couple of yrs back.
A full or half-twist throttle will not work at all with bull horn handlebars. Here's a picture of them set up in a couple of different ways. the one on the right is the way I've done a set but it was quite a long time ago. As you can see you can forget about fitting a grip throttle over one end or the other, and even if you could... how would you actually twist/use it?


Look for something called a "handlebar bob". It is used with road bike drop bars (i.e. :"ram horn handlebars") so you can put a standard thumb throttle on the bars and actuate it with your thumb while holding the handlebars normally (i.e. in the drops or even on the brake hoods).

While you are cobbling together your solution, look for a 'left handed throttle' which is a throttle that has a sort of sideways pull, rather than one that follows the circumference of the bars.

Between the use of one or both of those tools, you'll likely come up with a solution that works for you.

By and large, its not correct to say full or half-twist throttles are in any way the preference of ebike riders. What they are is the default choice for riders who started out riding motorcycles. Its what they are used to so its what they tell people they like. On an ebike they are arguably a safety hazard, as a live ebike has no idling motor so you can't tell if its on. So if you grab the bars suddenly and reflexively (lets say you are standing next to the bike and it starts falling over), your grab can activate the throttle on a live bike, which will take off. If you don't let go your arm is like a tether and the bike shoots up, thanks to your arm, and the momentum carries it up over your head. Gravity brings it down again but not gently.