What is this part? Aventon Abound


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Mar 27, 2024
Apologies I couldn't figure out how to post this in the Aventon section. Please let me know if I can move it there somehow.

I just got an Aventon Abound. Today was my first day using it to bring my daughters (4 & 1) to daycare before work. It handled the almost 7 mile commute including 2 miles on our soupy snow/mud hill road (its mud season here in VT) with about 600' in elevation change wonderfully. I couldn't be happier.

Anyway when I got home I found this piece of plastic sitting on the ground right where I park the bike. It looks new and I assume it came off the Abound but I can't figure out from where. Anyone recognize it?

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Check the bottom of your seat, under the nose if i recall correctly, that part will have been there.
Oh the Aventon abound ye 'ave.
I'm not sure then really...i've seen something similar under seats but they had a hole through them for a screw :unsure:
Thanks HumanPerson. You are right it appears to fit right under the nose of the seat. Not sure what the purpose of it is. Maybe to make it feel cooler when pulling the seat up. It does not seem like there is anything that will keep it their it there either. I expect I was just lucky it fell off at home and I'll loose it soon enough on a ride.

Second ride today bringing the kids to daycare and myself to work. It was above freezing this morning so much more comfortable but we had to deal with a bunch of mud on the way in instead.