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Jul 21, 2023
The E-Hub wheel is the only means to propel the bike. Cause there is no pedals, cranks, chains, sprockets or gears.
I am looking for a 26" 48 volt front "fat (4") wheel kit capable of handling this type of use. And the battery to match.
Does the battery size, (the outside measurement) effect the power output in any way? can you explain?
Can anybody please refer me to someone or websight where i can get a wheel kit like I discribed and the matching battery and the budget is tight.

It is called a Scooter, it is not an ebike.

No, the size has nothing to do with power, except in a very general sense. More cells take up more space, but so does the construction method, spacers used, packing and padding, etc. Also some types of cells come in different types of packaging, cans, pouches, different size cans, etc. Different rated cells will require more or fewer cells for the same wattage. Lifepo4 chemistry significantly larger than standard Li-ion, as is Lithium Titanate. More cells needed for a given wattage rating for these chemistries. They are, however, significantly safer and more tolerant of abuse.

Try Amazon, Ebay, or Alibaba. First make some effort to understand the nature of these businesses. Limited if any customer support or warranty returns.
Specify the rider/cargo weight and expectation of performance (speed, hills, surface type/conditions, range & budget) and you may be able to get better suggestions that may suit your needs.

For short distance & light duty, something easy to install and include battery on the front wheel:

For fat 26" tire, front specific motor, that may require you finding spots to mount controller & battery yourself: