Voilamart ebike taking off on it's own


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Jul 13, 2022
I have a Voilamart 26'' Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit and the motor has started on it's own twice, the second time with me on it causing ankle breakage. It happens when I turn on the controller not touching the throttle. The first time I was off the bike and luckily holding the break handle and was quickly able to stop the motor. The second time was a year later and I usually hold one of the breaks while turning on the controller but I made the mistake of turning on the headlight at the same time and it took off with me on it and no control of the handlebars. The LCD is the sw900 and I have no clue what controller. I've tried duplicating the problem by pressing the up and down arrows with the on button but can't get it to repeat. The throttle itself is clean and works fine. My last bike would do this if the throttle got wet but this was dry and inside a building the whole day. Has this happened to anyone else?
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Have you tried to disconnect the throttle? If so does it do the same thing?

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I would write to the seller and tell them about it, ask them for help.

Did you install the crank sensor?

You seem very calm, considering it caused you to break your ankle; I guess the rage is just not coming through in print...
Rest the throttle voltage signal range and deadzone
Check throttle assys hall and magnet