Hitway bk11 speed limiter


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7:56 PM
Mar 6, 2024
Hi all l've hit a complete wall trying to unrestrict my hitway bk11 to use off road I have tried everything I can find online for example from off position holding right brake
and throttle then power on for 15 second (from hitway direct) also changing the p8 setting to 100. Nothing is working. Please
please help if possible.
First place I would start, is see what model# is on your display. Usually on the back.

Then look up the programming manual to see if 1 is available.
Try the SW900 display settings.

Prolly won't wurk though... meh...
himiway should come here and talk......

otherwise..just another POS.
I've got all the instructions on how to unlock the speed from Hitway but it just doesn't work. What I need now is someone with the same bike and default settings so I can check them with my settings in the display unfortunately I can't find anyone and I've asked hitway but waiting on reply.

Send them a msg and tell them to come talk to us here ;)
sometimes these displays are different....
I know it dunt make sense.... fe ck.... dig deep mate...

can ya justy change display and controller? feck it chenge'm
ewe aint got nuttin 2 loose mate....feck it....change display....or change control box first..thwen change display

WTF ya aint got nuthin to loooooooooooooooose eh??

If it the money tell me and i will send ya sum BTC