VIVI Super Sport


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Apr 5, 2022
I am so frustrated and do not know what to do. I have a VIVI Super Sport commuter Ebike. Well I bought it a year and a half ago and I am just now starting to ride it o to having a few surgeries after I bought it. Well I only rode it twice and the throttle stopped working and the headlight wont turn on. I checked to see if cords came out or something and nothing they were all tight. The gauge lights up and it does have peddle assist but no throttle. I have no clue how you can ride a bike twice for something to go out suddenly. Well I called two bike shops over an hour away from me and one just would not even touch it because he thinks these bikes are trash. The other may not work on it because of the motor size and I have no clue what motor size it is. I looked on the mother but it just has numbers. It is only a 36 Volt and they are no longer selling the one I bought over a year ago which is weird. So to try and find the motor size is impossible. I am so frustrated!! Anyone know how to tell what motor is on it?

Thanks for any help you can offer.



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Jun 15, 2023
the head light could be something such as the crappy plus vivi uses not making a good connection or maybe even a corroded pin on the plug or the harness. However, if you only rode it twice in a year and a half I'm going to also assume you also are not going to get much range from your battery esp if you didn't keep it stored at around 50 to 80% charged. keeping one charged fully like Vivi recommends when not using the battery for long periods will seriously degrade the battery's charge capacity and life.

My headlight on my vivi mountain bike recently stopped working right after i replaced the controller and had to replace the wiring harness then the plug on the light went wonky and I had to cut the plug off and direct wire it. but i was able to test it first to make sure i was getting violated to the plug on the end of the wiring harness.

now on the PAS not working and only Throttle I noticed my bike from day one was throttle only but to get it into PAS-only mode there is a trick. they that don't tell anyone about and isnt in the user manual. that can work on some models. To change from throttle-only mode to pas only or back to throttle only. What you got to do is with the bike turned off you hold down one of the break levals and hold the throttle back all the way. then while holding the brake and throttle back. Turn the controller on and wait till the lights are done flashing then release the brake and throttle. then it "should" put you into pas-only mode. but if you end up with no pas and no throttle then that means your pas sensor is not connected or went bad. Also to get it back into throttle-only mode you do the same thing with holding the throttle back and holding the break on while turning the bike on.