Used Yamaha Crosscore RC


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Nov 21, 2023
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Looking at a used Crosscore rc for a low price. 600. Seller has manuals key etc but the charger is broken, ie ran over somehow!?!?! Battery has half charge or so and it has a flat. Says it runs great... what do i look for on it. Never had a mid drive just hub motors. Seems like a great deal, does have aftermarket forks im not a fan on but can be changed. Ideas, thoughts? To good to be true? Says needs quick sale for rent and bills but idk.


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I suggest you don't pay $1 until you have ridden the bike - unless you ride the eBike its worthless - if it rides well - then also understand eBikes Sold without a Charger are usually Bikes that have been stolen !

1. If battery shows 1/2 charge then deal with the flat - buya $20 bottle of FlatOut Tire Sealant at Home Depot - put 12 ounces in that rear tire - pump up the tire with a rechargeable air pump - FlatOut should seal the tire/tube and get you rolling.

2. Please understand that a "replacement" charger will be about $200 - and you will need to find out the exact charger model# to make sure you get the right one - a $40 China charger won't work - ONLY the correct model OE charger will work..
You should go with some other bike that is in running condition. After buying the bike, you will buy its charger as well. What if your bike does not fit well with your new charger? So, try to go with a bike that is in good condition.