Up hill the whole way!


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Jul 25, 2023
this location is only 5.7 miles (and 1250' elevation gain) from my house, but looks further than that. I've been wanting to take my Engwe Engine Pro up there since I got it 2 weeks ago. The last 1/2 mile is all dirt, and fairly steep.
it was harder( or I was more cautious) coming down vs. going up.
So you had enough bike to make it is a great thing. I also have Engwe Engine Pro and it's does have the power. And yes downhill is smart to go slow, that way you still can have another path and health to ride into the sunset.
great!!! How much battery % at the beginning and at the top, battery capacity, etc.? I find myself in a pretty similar situation, except the road is about 50 km and 2200 m altitude change (but I could recharge at the end eventually).
100% to start, I think it was about 72% where I stopped. I’m not sure what the battery capacity is. This bike does recharge the battery when going downhill. I think the battery was at 82% when I returned home.
interesting. I was not aware of regenerative braking systems on commercially avaialble bikes... I wonder how much the RBS alone weights.
looks like the road to the top of the mountain is visible on the left. Is that right?
I do not have a Engwe Engine Pro, but I have a mid drive Bafang 750w 48v 20ah battery. I love what it does to hills :)Yeah
That is always a nice ride to get out in the country and enjoy life a little different riding a bike. Kind of makes thing better.
Just an example: two days ago, I had to dismount the bicycle for a good km downhill, walking on the side for 1-2 km/h and trying to keep the balance. According to Komoot, some bold guys take it downhill, or maybe I misunderstood and got the wrong path, but the trail was narrow and covered with very sharp stones I would never ever do it.
Unfortunately the area is covered with recent lava flows...
20230815_193627 copy.jpeg
Result: a couple of good, although old, Shimano shoes written off.
20230815_204825 copy2.jpeg
But really a wonderful ride, although technically above my level.
20230815_191936 copy.jpeg
Taking another road on the way back home, all uphill, I was much, much faster... On the way back, I found a plaque at a scenic spot that expressed the situation well:
20230815_182120 copy.jpeg
The plaque reads, "Rest break of the Plan of the Deads"...

Exactly how I felt at that moment!

p.s. this was actually "DOWN hilll the whole way!"