such a beautiful ride up and down the island today!


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11:56 AM
Jun 2, 2023
Canary Islands, Spain
I had really so much fun today on a mesmerizing ride over the ocean.

We started riding on a trail, the Gran Randonnee, or GR130: gravel, rocks up and down with sharp bent. Then down to the Salemera lighthouse over a steep and winding secondary road, where a little remote village was built many decades ago.


We stopped a bit, facing the wave. Then up to the mountain again along a meandering road with beautiful cuts in ancient lava flows. At some point we left the main road and ventured into a desolate hill facing the ocean over a steep cliff, completely off road. There, there were some hunters with their dogs, sort of local greyhound with long ears, very friendly, not the "presa canaria", a bulky aggressive dogs typical of this arcipelago.


We rode on the flat area with a strange feeling, like being... on a rock thrown on the ocean ;). We went up to the top of the hill, actually a recent volcanic cone, where there were only a light to signal the tip of the hill for approaching aircraft landing at the closest airport.

At some point I just reached the end of the cliff, and my friend took a picture of me from afar, the island of La Gomera slightly visible over the horizon:


Up again and then down a narrow concrete road through the banana plantations to sea level, and back home, super tired but glad to live on the lucky side of this beautiful planet.