Trek Rail Reviews


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May 16, 2020
Anyone own one? I watch and read some good reviews on them, if someone owns one did the LBS discount it at all? I really like the spec on the 7 but for 500 bucks you can go carbon and buy the 9.7 which is also 2.5 lbs lighter. If the 9.7 came with Shimano drivetrain it would be a no brainer for me. One negative I hear is the reach is a little short on them. I live in a state where they are not doing any rides on them because of covid, I wont pluck down 6k on a bike unless i get to ride it a bit.
My brother has one and he loves it. He got the absolute top of the line model, cannot remember which Rail nomenclature it is, want to say the 11? Either way he digs it.
Thanks, I’m looking at the 7 and want to wait til the end of the riding season in hopes they will give me a better price on it.
I got to demo the 7 a week ago, it was amazing. They are all heavy bikes (nature of the beast) so I opted for the Rail 5 which fits my budget better. They ride great and you can really put in the miles.
Just ordered an XL Rail 9.7 Carbon from my LBS this morning. Will be here end of next week. According to the geometries I found online, its about 20mm shorter in reach than the XXL Heckler, and just a bit shorter in all of the other key dimensions.....I'm 6'6" and looking forward to it a lot!
Regarding the 7 vs 9.7, I had the same dilemma and tried to ask around. Went with the 7, because even though the 9.7 is only $500 more, I would have spent more converting to shimano drivetrain, which the 7 already has. If you're going to switch to shimano, I'd say go for the 7. Was a little concerned about feeling the extra weight lofting the front end, but after getting used to it it is not an issue. Not that looks are overly important, but I thought the black and grey looked pretty lame as well. Rarely do I think aluminum frames look better, but they did this time. Now the blacked out 9.9 . . . slick as s**t.
I ordered my 7 back in Nov. Still waiting, should be here in a few weeks. I hope the seat hieght isn't an issue.