Trek FX+2 charger issue, needs resetting?


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Mar 27, 2023
Trek FX+2 won't charge, no LED on charger, bike charge lights initially come on for 5 seconds then go out. Was told charger needs resetting, but no idea how you do that. Video of issue below.

I have a new Trek FX+2 commuter bike and since day one I've had some charging problems.

Sometimes I plug the charger into the wall, no LED on charger brick, then plug the cable into the battery on the bike, still no LED on charger. The bike has 5 green LEDs to show the charge. These will initially light up, say if battery at 20% charge I will get the lowest LED on solid with a second LED above it blinking. So looks good. Unfortunately after about 5 seconds all green lights on the bike go out.
Please see video below:

I can hear a buzzing sound coming from the charger so it's getting power OK, plus have plugged in some power tools to same socket and they work fine. Therefore outlet OK. Have also placed a power meter on the socked and the charger is drawing approx. 270mw, i.e. next to nothing. During a normal charge cycle it will pull 80-90w initially, then back off to around 12w when near 100% charge.

The bike shop I bought it from initially swapped charger for another one and this worked for a day, then same issue returned. Took it back again and they gave me the original charger which they said they had 'reset'. I asked how you reset it and they could not tell me, the person who did the work was not there.
I have emailed the store asking what this reset procedure is, in case it happens again, but so far no answer.

Anyone else had this issue?
There is no reset procedure. There MIGHT be a fuse which was replaced. If they did this, and gave it back to you with no instruction, you may have grounds for a serious lawsuit.

You paid extra for a brand name and a dealer. USE THEM. Go back to the store, with the bike, and the charger, tell them you want it fixed or your money back.

Chargers do not fail without being connected to a seriously flawed system in some way. TWICE. I would have told them to get the guy who did the work on the horn, NOW, and make certain they had a strong desire to get me out of their store ASAP. You can be polite and very unpleasant at the same time. Also, just being plain unpleasant is often effective.

If you are worried about hurting someone's feelings, then just live with the problem.