Engwe P26 and charging


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10:41 PM
Jun 21, 2023
Charging our 2 P26s I notice that the charger ends the charging before the batterie says it is full.
There is an indicator on the batteries with LED diodes, and checking the state just after charging it still have one that is red (3 green, 1 red).
Is this normal, or is the charger having an issue?
Sometimes, with some chargers, they will show done when in reality they are balancing the cells.

Use a DVM (Digital Volt Metre) to check the state of charge of the battery.
I will try this next time. (The bikes are at our holiday location and I dont have a volt meter here currently). I did ask Engwe support and it seems like the 3 green ones are for the charge level. The red is supposed to be on when the batteri is "low voltage". It seems to be on whenever I try to check, but it could be just the red one blooming through. I have not drained the battery fully.