Thumb throttle acts as on/off switch rather than a throttle.



Throttle is full power for what ever PAS is set.I have 3 hub motor bikes and all of them PAS has to be off for the throttle to function &it is variable power like a "throttle".Is this because it is a Thumb throttle?Is this how mid drive motor functions?
I don't know that I can solve this for you but I can answer the questions. A thumb throttle works with mid drives. I have a bafang thumb throttle with a bbhsd motor and it works fine. I do remember the throttle having too much power up front when I first ran the bike. Only after reprogramming the throttle default settings in the motor did I get a smooth power output. If your display can’t fix this, you may have to get the software to change the motor defaults.
On my fatty throttle and pas are 2 different things. Throttle always has full power, but pas is whatever level it's set on.