Throttle Settings in Speeed App for Bafang BBS02


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6:10 PM
Apr 17, 2020
I want to be able to use 100% power with the Thumb Throttle regardless of what Pedal Assist Level I am in. I am using 9 PAS levels with the Current starting at 10% & incrementally increasing to 100% by Level 9. The maximum speed for each level is set at 100%. The Throttle Mode is set to Current, the Designated Assist Level set to By Display's Command, the Speed Limit set to 40km/hr and finally the Start Current to 15%. My problem is that I cannot get 100% power from the Thumb Throttle unless I am in PAS Level 9 which has both Current & Speed set to 100% even though all the levels have their Speed set to 100%.

I have also tried setting the Throttle to the Designated Assist Level 9 instead of By Display's Command but then it starts right at 100% & about breaks the chain. I have another bike with a BBSHD & never had this problem. I am able to always use the Thumb Throttle up to 100% of power no matter what PAS Level I am in on that bike. What am I doing different? My BBSHD bike is in Florida & I am in PA so I can't look to see how I set it up. Any suggestions?
Never mind. I found out that Bafang recently changed the controller so you either have throttle only pr PAS only or neither. I read some rewiring work arounds but I will leave it as is.
No, I can live with it. There are workarounds but I am not going to flash the firmware or cut & splice wires in the controller.